more of Maynard singing !!!!!

  • In the 1973 album "MF Horn 4+5", Maynard sang in the song "Can't Get Started".

    I always enjoyed it so much that I wish Maynard had sung on at least one song in each album and concert.

    As in "Can't Get Started", I wanted him to both sing and play in each such song.


  • I bought a CD in early 2000 that was a re-issue of the Columbia Chameleon album.. Maynard sings I Can't Get Started on that one, too and you are correct, he can really sing.

  • He can sing and he can swing...unlike the guy he sings about in “He Can’t Swing” which is, I believe, on “Big Bop Nouveau.” Hilarious lyrics and a full swing chart.


  • I think I am wrong and you are right about the album.

    "Can't Get Started" was probably on the "Chameleon" album rather than on "MF Horn 4+5".


  • Just looked ... it is not listed on MF 4/5 Live at Jimmy’s. It is on side 2 of ‘Chameleon’ as GeorgeB noted. Not sure about on a BBN album, I stopped buying the records after ‘live from San Fransisco’.

    ‘Stan Kenton, he made me a star!’

    Actually, I never liked it when he sang that live ... just wanted to hear more trumpet!

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