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    @Dr-GO said in Future survival of this forum:

    @administrator said in Future survival of this forum:

    I'm 34 and I doubt I will ever truly "retire." I think that is a common attitude among my generation.

    So, with my new perspective as I noted above, have I become a part of your generation?


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    I'm 34 and I doubt I will ever truly "retire." I think that is a common attitude among my generation.

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    @Trumpetb said in Future survival of this forum:

    This is an open message to the administrator.

    Kehaulani is one of the most respected members of this site and it would be a great loss if he never returned.

    I have seen some big problems with other sites preventing their members logging in for no apparent or logical reason, that magically fixed themselves after some weeks of frustration by the member affected and the admin of the site.

    I believe kehaulanis issues are of this kind, where he does everything correctly many times over but to no avail, and the admin is defeated time after time when trying to resolve the issue for him.

    Can I ask the admin to revisit this issue and work with kehaulani on it in the hopes of defeating this software account issue whatever it is.

    And could any member who has contact with kehaulani ask him to try again to gain access.

    The members miss him, I miss him, and I want to see this issue resolved if at all possible.

    We all suffer issues in our lives from time to time and I know kehalani has suffered more than his share of them, but an inability to log in to a site that he wants to log in to and that wants him to log in to it but the software stonewalls him, should not be one of them.

    Can it be looked at again.

    Thanks in advance

    I've updated the software since his problems. I think whatever issues there were they should be resolved. He's welcome back any time.

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  • RE: Hetman. What's up?

    So, here's an update..... WWBW listed new Hetman #2 as "in stock." So, I ordered 5 bottles. They arrived promptly, but the zip-closure bag inside the box arrived full of oil. The bottles all leaked like crazy.

    I was at local shop "Hornucopia" about other matters, and I asked owner Sandy about Hetman. She told me that other players had told her the same thing. The new round-shaped Hetman bottles leak like crazy. Other players also report the product seems different from the old Hetman oils.

    I called WWBW and they gave me a refund "no questions asked." They didn't want the product returned. I can see why.

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  • RE: Uptown Funk…. Consider your self “Funked Up”

    I'm listening to EWF right now and the funk is so hot I'm almost burning!

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    I find use out of both websites. I also find use out of search engines.

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    @Dr-GO said in Future survival of this forum:

    Thought I mentioned it before but cannot find my original post. My contribution to the comparison of TH and TB is I cannot find a better discussion than on TB as to medical aspects relating to the health of trumpet players in specific or musicians in general. I am not a member of TH (as I do not find it as user friendly). I do scan it frequently and do not find appropriate detailed discussion as to health issues on the TH site. This is why I started a Medical Discussion section to TB. I believe this is a unique quality of this site, and am glad it is used by our members.

    I know we have several physicians and medically trained individuals on this site, that is more evident than I can find on TH. So we do have the expertise and individual credentialed to provide helpful content to this component of TB and have been grateful to our members that have used the aspect of this forum to getting qualified medical advice.

    I'm grateful for your contributions, and I'm happy that TB has some use to somebody. Maybe you know more doctor friends who would like to join in the discussions?

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  • RE: Future survival of this forum

    Upgrading TrumpetHerald would be a full-time job for several months.

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    @donovan-bankhead said in Future survival of this forum:

    @jolter I think your initial post fairly summed up the issues.
    I would prefer Reddit, I think, if it was for pro or pro-am players only, but it's overrun by high school students (I know they have to be somewhere).
    Personally, I find TrumpetHerald to be far and away the most useful trumpet forum. DECADES of posts with some incredibly useful stuff (and some bs, I know).
    I would give anything to get that forum upgraded to a more modern format. IDK what it would take to do it - maybe buy it?
    I don't see much value in trumpetboards - I get the weekly digest mainly because I'm a huge trumpet nerd and don't want to miss anything. 😄

    TrumpetHerald has the best content, and you can't beat content.

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