• The book is called : HARRY JAMES, TRUMPET ICON , written by Chuck Par-Due, a pretty good trumpet man in his own right.
    If you read the Trumpet Blues biography about Harry, which really only centered on the negative side of Harry's life, this book by Chuck is not a bio of Harry's life but more penetrating look at his music skills and playing experiences. I just started reading my copy the other night. I only had 30 minutes to spare before leaving for band practice, but I became so absorbed that I ended up being late for practice.
    Harry has always been my hero so I am a little bias, but believe me, this book every trumpet player will truly like.

  • That's on my reading list and I'm looking forward to it. One thing, though. The criticism of Trumpet Blues being negative I don't think is justified. That's the way Harry was. Immensely talented, a drunkard and would ***** anything that walked. Like my ex used to often say, "That's just the way it is".

  • @Kehaulani
    I enjoyed reading Trumpet blues. Prefer a autobiography or biography to be truthful. His personality did not take away from his great talent.

  • @Gendreauj
    I just felt that Trumpet Blues ignored the man's talent and took a more National Inquirer approach to the man's life. Chuck's book concentrates on Harry's music, the equipment he used, the famous musicians he rubbed shoulders with, his approach to jazz, etc. I just feel trumpet players would really like this book.

  • @GeorgeB said in New book about Harry James:
    I just feel trumpet players would really like this book.

    And it might be. That's the thing about getting as much diverse info as you can, balances out a subject.