• Left-Handed Holton Revelation
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    May 23, 2017
    So a while back on eBay I won a Holton trumpet with a twist, the horn was Left-Handed. Everything was mirrored on the horn. I am curious tho, does anyone else own or know about another left-handed holton. If so when was your's made, mine was 1923. Lastly, do you know what one would of had to do to acquire one of these horns at the time


    Yes, I did post about this on Horn-u-Copia but I have not received any info about the horn or similar horns
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    I have not seen one, but I am not surprised. The dynamic in those days was one of more direct interaction between firms like HN White, Holton, Conn, etc. and their customers. Customers were encouraged to write in and request horns be sent on a trial basis and there was just a lot of personal interaction. For less common models, such as an aida or fanfare trumpet (or a C or D for that matter), those were never stock, or even display, those were built if someone wrote to the company and asked. So, if someone wrote that they needed a left handed Revelation, I am sure that Holton built one and sent it out. The upcharge, if any, was probably not much. It was a different time.