Brass top and bottom caps Getzen

  • Looking for copper medium weight top and bottom caps for Getzen Canadian Brass trumpet. Miss the gold top and bottom caps on my former Getzen trumpet. In my price range, KGU company is the only supplier. Looking at medium sized copper top and bottom caps. Buying for cosmetic reasons. Does make a difference in sound?

    Ordered and received the lightweight raw brass top and bottom caps, they fit my cornet but not the trumpet. If possible I would like to buy from North America suppliers. Do appreciate your help.

  • If I were you, I'd contact James Becker at Osmund Music. He recently got a Capri first-valve-slide trigger from Getzen and installed it on my Classic. He does excellent work and is well connected.

  • @Kehaulani
    Thanks I will contact him. Have a lot of respect for his abilities and work ethics.

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