For Sale: 3 Cornets

  • For sale are 3 cornets of various quality:

    Olds Ambassador from Fullerton, CA; serial 883xxx
    Fair quality- missing spit valve (replaced by tape). Basically entirely delacquered due to age and use
    Plays Great- despite missing spit valve, handles very smoothly.
    Comes with Bach Corp 3C, case

    King Tempo II 603; serial 155xxx
    Good Quality- minor wear/tear from use and age. Noticeable dent in leadpipe.
    Plays Good- Leadpipe dent does provide noticeable dampening to sound; fixable by replacing leadpipe.
    No mouthpiece included, comes with case

    Getzen 300 Series Elkhorn; serial K51xxx
    Great quality- very minor lacquer wear. No noticeable dents/scrapes. Comes with third-valve slide "bumper" to prevent from coming off during use.
    Plays Good- very nice sound for a student model horn.
    Comes with Bach Corp 7C, case

    This would be great for a casual player, student, or beginner. Also a good deal for a shop owner who needs parts, although all 3 horns are fully functional.

    $300 for all 3 horns.

    Buyer pays shipping. IMG_0818 copy.jpg IMG_0817 copy.jpg IMG_0816 copy.jpg IMG_0815 copy.jpg IMG_0814 copy.jpg IMG_0813 copy.jpg IMG_0812 copy.jpg IMG_0811 copy.jpg IMG_0810 copy.jpg IMG_0809 copy.jpg IMG_0808 copy.jpg IMG_0807 copy.jpg IMG_0806 copy.jpg IMG_0805 copy.jpg IMG_0804 copy.jpg IMG_0803 copy.jpg IMG_0802 copy.jpg IMG_0801 copy.jpg IMG_0800 copy.jpg IMG_0799 copy.jpg IMG_0798 copy.jpg IMG_0797 copy.jpg IMG_0796 copy.jpg IMG_0795 copy.jpg IMG_0794 copy.jpg IMG_0793 copy.jpg IMG_0792 copy.jpg

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