• I currently use a Yahama 11C4. I use a short shank for my old vintage horns before 1920 and for my newer ones newer than 1940 my long shank.

    Theoretically my two Conn 36A's came with the conn short shank (I believe). So I tried the short shank. But when I went to the long what a great bright sound. I normally like a dark sound but for this horn, bright is good.

    This is an amazing horn!!

  • Many years ago, a colleague of mine gave me his Pan American(subsidiary of Conn) cornet manufactured in 1953. It came with the EZ-TONE mouthpiece, the short shank mouthpiece you are probably referring to. My understanding is that Conn Design cornets made before 1958 should be played with this mouthpiece.

  • The old Conn “Precision” short shank cornet mouthpieces aren’t anything like modern short shank mouthpieces. They are basically an earlier version of Conn’s “Improved Precision” mouthpieces, and had a slightly different shank taper. Here’s a comparison of mouthpiece lengths. Left to right - newer Conn 4 Improved Precision mouthpiece, old Conn 4 Precision short shank, Wick 4B short shank.


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