1965 Martin Committee #2 Bore in Great Condition!

  • I'm somewhat reluctantly selling a couple of my horns, as they don't get the attention they deserve. I've been mostly playing my 1970 Bach 37, and it seems to be the best fit for me and my playing. I'm hoping that I won't regret this one. I love it, but anyone that has played one probably knows that switching from a Bach to a Committee requires shifting many gears, at least it does for me.

    1st slide work was done by Ian at IMBrass. Valve alignment and gap adjustment was done my Charlie Melk (He is the best!). Getting the right gap on this horn is essential! I recently had most of my back bores cut for Frost sleeves to close the gap completely with his #1 sleeve, and that did the trick for me.

    I'm asking $2499, but I'm open to any reasonable offers. More pics and full description on eBay auction. Feel free to contact me here, or on eBay if you have any questions.



    Check out my other auctions while you're there. I have a couple of mouthpieces listed, and will be gradually thinning out my vintage mute collection.

  • This horn is now SOLD!

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