Update on my "saving grace" mouthpiece...

  • Wow... I owe a world of thanks to the user "Newell Post" for offering to sell me his Bach 10¾CW mouthpiece!

    Tonight at the Shriners Band rehearsal (first time we got back together since December 9th at our Christmas concert), I showed off the Bach 10¾CW mouthpiece to my buddy Steve (1st chair trumpet - plays a Schilke 13A4a) and he took my Bach 10¾CW, wiped it all down, put it in his trumpet, and proceeded to go to town on it, from the very low G, up to the high C above the staff, and continued to D and E above the staff! 😮 Then he tried to descend back down, and "bottomed out" or something within the mouthpiece. He took it out, wiped it back off, and handed it back to me.

    Anyway, what I learned is that one mouthpiece might work for you, but not someone else. Everyone has their own particular playing style and embouchure.

    In closing, I had a very enjoyable evening tonight, and the best part was, I had no problems, no issues, no pressure on my upper denture plate, and best of all - no pain! 😁

  • @ButchA said in Update on my "saving grace" mouthpiece...:

    Wow... I owe a world of thanks to the user "Newell Post" for offering to sell me his Bach 10¾CW mouthpiece!

    CW mouthpiece? What, is that for playing Bob Wills? 😁

  • LOL... C cup with a W (wide) rim. Very, very, comfortable. It does take a little to get used to though, but once you get it figured out, it's great!

  • @ButchA
    Hey, buddy, good to hear that smaller mp is working for you, and as you have learned from your friend's attempt at using it, what works for one doesn't mean it will work for someone else.

  • I'm one of those guys who finds a mouthpiece and stays with it for the most part. To me, comfort is the most important thing. I have gone to a #6 Bruno Tilz piece that I bought for a song on eBay. It is comfortable and I play longer periods before needing a break. Comfort is it for me, the sound comes with time on face.

  • I'm glad it worked for you, Butch.

  • Update (Part II)...

    Wow, what a mouthpiece! I just got home a few minutes ago from the Shriners Band rehearsal this evening (Monday night, Jan 13th)...

    For whatever reason or another, Lord only knows... The other trumpet players were "no shows", leaving me as the sole trumpeter for tonight's rehearsal. Great, just great, thanks a lot guys! 😞

    You have to understand The Shriners Band from an organizational type of aspect. We are TINY compared to other "community bands"! We have to rely on "help" from guest musicians who are not Shriners to come and sit-in with us to help augment our sound! Honest and right from the heart? If you took away our guest musicians, we would be a concert band with only about 10 members at best!

    Anyway, what I was getting at is, tonight for some reason, I was the only trumpet player at rehearsal. My buddy Ray also was in the same boat as the only clarinet player! Tonight, we only had 2 trombones, 1 euphonium, 1 tuba, 2 saxophones, 2 percussionists, me on trumpet, and Ray on clarinet. And of course, the director... 11 people all total. 😞

    I (obviously) had to play 1st trumpet all by myself, carrying the main melody along with Ray on 1st clarinet, and we held it together. I was up in the top of the staff for most of the evening, playing high G's, E's, F#'s, and holding a pair of high A's tied together at the end of one of the pieces.


    Who would have thought... A simple change of a mouthpiece would totally save my a$$!! Thank you again, Newell Post, for the mouthpiece! I owe you big time! 😁

  • @ButchA

    I know what it's like to be forced to play lead. Although we have 5 trumpets, two play 2nd book and three of us play 1st with a more experienced high range player doing lead duties. But he lives an hour and a half drive away and is often a no show when the weather is dirty. That leaves me or a female playing first and she doesn't have the confidence to play lead. In fairness to her, she has only been playing 4 months after a 12 year hiatus and she is still working on her high range. So that leaves me, the old timer whose lips have trouble with Gs, A, and Bs when they are frequent. Fortunately the conductor is a gentleman and I can drop an octave when necessary...which is often. But good for you, Butch. That smaller mp looks like a winner for you.

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