Tuba Skinny's Leadership?

  • I know that Shaye Cohn is Tuba Skinny's musical leader but is she also the administrative leader? By that mean, are Tuba Skinny and Shaye Cohn one and the same?

  • This is the Wikipedia story. I thought the second story was the true one: twisted name of an New Orleans tuba player, Tuba Fats.


    *The band's name originated when Todd Burdick, the sousaphone player was walking down the street one day and someone said, "Hey! There goes that skinny tuba boy!". That was when members decided to run with the incident and named the band, "Tuba Skinny". There is a common misconception that band was named as a tribute to the tuba player Anthony Lacen who was better known as Tuba Fats. He was a founding member of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, one of New Orleans' most prominent brass rhythm bands. He died in 2004.

    Edit: I think mrs. Cohn (granddaughter of Al Cohn) is the undisputed leader of Tuba Skinny.

  • Thanks Franklin. Just curious.

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