Happy Birthday Bix !!!!

  • 116 years young........

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    116 years young........

    At the risk of going way off topic, we adopted a rescue dog (white German Shepherd) back in October. The shelter names didn't fit, and I wanted a short and distinct name so he'd know when I'm talking to him. Plus, he's "really cool" so we named him Bix. And we needed a birth date to license him, so we picked March 10th.

    Not only does he not mind my playing, he seems to love it (must have a tin ear and no real taste in music). He lies next to me when I'm playing, and even pesters me if I haven't started practicing at the normal time.

  • Such a shame he died at 28.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • Dogs are just so damn cool. Everyone has their own personality too.

  • @stumac said in Happy Birthday Bix !!!!:

    Such a shame he died at 28.

    Regards, Stuart.

    Today it may have been drugs, but in the 1920s it was booze that took him down. It really was a shame. The book, Young Man With A Horn by Dorothy Baker, was apparently (loosely ) based on the life of Bix . It was made into a movie starring Kirk Douglas as the Bix character ( Rick Martin ). The trumpet playing was done by the great Harry James. Hoagy Carmichael, who co-stars in the movie, was a friend of Bix Beiderdecke and at one time played together.

  • Dorothy Baker’s book was tranlated to French by Boris Vian under the title « Le jeune homme à la trompette ». Vian was not only a great writer and poet, he was also a renowned jazz critic, and a trumpeter, playing in the style of... Bix!
    The translation is far better than the original, for those who can read the text in both languages.

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