Boosey and Hawkes Sessionair

  • Yesterday I lucked upon one of these, made between 1963 and 1964, only about 60 made as far as I can find out, designed as a jazz/ big band horn to compete with American imports but did not take off.

    Pretty well used, several dents, slight bend in leadpipe and rear brace needs re-soldering, freed and greased tuning slide, oiled valves and took it to Big Band Rehearsal last night.

    Fairly bright, free blowing, fast valves, very easy high register, did have a tendency to overshoot pitches but this will settle as I get more used to it.

    This will be a keeper and well worth the time to bring it back to good condition.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • Congratulations, stumac. It seems you acquired an interesting and unique instrument!


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