Wynton Marsalis on Practice and Discipline

  • This is a short but (hopefully) enlightening video about Wynton and Discipline and Practice. Enjoy!

  • Wynton said something elsewhere very colourful and so true. "Everybody wants to be the hero but no one wants to slay the dragon". There you have it.

    When I first started playing, a few weeks in, I had a similar experience with my teacher that Wynton had. He gave me a lesson one day for which I was unprepared. I'll never forget it. When we came down the stairs my parents asked how'd it go and he said matter of factly, I had to practice or it was "a waste of my time and your money". And he was fully prepared to walk if it didn't get better. He didn't care. Man, I practiced after that.

    Wynton also says that "You have to practice". I think I've written it before, but Dave Liebman in his book on sax playing wrote, "Practicing isn't something you like or dislike. It's just something you do."

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