Login page doesn't seem to work with my password manager

  • Hi,
    I use Keepass 2 for password management. On mobile, the app is called KeePass2Android. For whatever reason, the mobile app does not detect the TB login page as being a login form, and so does not attempt to auto-fill the fields.

    I'm not sure what the html would need to look like but I think this is the only site I've found so far that isn't supported. Are the form fields unusually named, perhaps?

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    I don't think so. I have no issues using LastPass, but I'm not sure how KeePass works.

  • Now I'm at my desk, I don't see anything out of the ordinary on the login page's Inspect mode.

    My Firefox (Windows) browser also fails to spot the login form. I'm using the Kee browser extension which is supposed to match the fields up and fetch the right credentials for this URL from the password DB (using an RPC call to keepass2).

    You've got an <input> of type "text" with name="username" and id="username", that looks completely right to me.

    It is a mystery.

    I can make do by copying/pasting the password manually but it is a lot less secure than having it done through the RPC since the clipboard can be intercepted if I get malware on my phone/PC.

  • Oh hey look, I solved it myself. Turns out that the Keepass DB has a flag in the configuration for each entry, that is called "Hide this entry from Kee". Guess if that flag was enabled? Yeah. I have no idea how that happened. Shot myself in the foot, apparently.

    Thanks for putting up with a silly question!

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