Conn 26A Director Cornet 1934!

  • Bought this for very little not knowing much about it. Thought the unique design would go good on the wall. But it looks too good and plays too well for that. From what i read the Director models before the 50's were pro horns, and its pretty rare too. Ebay doesn't even show one. But after reading a LOT of info on Conn their many models make more sense to me;) Pics coming if i can make i-Pad work.

  • Why won't the upload image or upload file buttons show up on my iPad 2? Is it too old?

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  • @N1684T You probably are trying to upload images way too big for the site to digest. Resize them to something like 800 pixels or less. If you have windows and no resizing software you can download IrfanView for free. It's the best free image manipulation software there is.

  • On the smartphone it is pic size. On the ipad 2 the upload buttons simply are not there. Im sure its just too hard for the site to accommodate older versions of iPads.

  • Recently bought another conn 80A cornet. 41 model. My older versions had standard top spring valves, this one has the later bottom spring valves. My question is the assembly of the microtuner. No matter how i assemble it, it will not go all the way in. Is there a trick to it? Everything seems right and works great till it gets to about the third of an inch mark and it just stops.

  • Sounds like you have an out of balance between the 2 sides of the adjusting screw, remove the screw altogether and check the slide goes all the way in smoothly and not something stopping it.

    If ok then reassemble starting both ends at the same time, this should fix it, if not then measure the difference in length of exposed thread each side of the wheel, engage the longer side by the difference before engaging the other side.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • I have checked my 80A the wheel spindle has a groove about 1/8" from the bottom, with the slide disengaged adjust the wheel until the groove is level with the bottom of the bearing tube, start the thread on the slide at this point and the slide will fully close.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • Bingo! So simple i couldn't see it! Thank you sir......

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