Jens Lindemann - Trumpet Master Class at University of Kentucky

  • Hi Guys!
    This is a super great video and a reality check courtesy of Jens.
    There's more common sense in this video than I can measure. Just wonderful!
    Bravo Jens!

  • @Dr-Mark

    Thanks, Dr-Mark. I'll be spending some time with this video.

  • Hi GeorgeB,
    You're very welcome. I also hope your recovery is coming along well. Hang in there!

  • His concept of going out vs. going up was taught to me back in the 60s when I sat next to a guy who had played lead for Kenton and Herman and went on to be a first-call L.A. studio musician. That concept of thinking of range in incremental steps going in and out vs. high and low was liberating for me.

    As an aside, I played professional woodwinds for about 20 years in between stints as a brass player, and there is no particular "up" (at least as compared to conventional trumpet playing), pedagogically, in sax plating. Even now, when I play high, I just think of flipping an octave key on and off. Previously, I used to used lot of tension and visible muscling for "high" notes.

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