Martin Dansant

  • I was watching another string about bore size and air through a horn and a lot of scientific calculation about it all. I got to thinking about horn engineering. The general idea is that bigger bell and larger bore makes for lead instruments. The Martin Dansant, from the 20's goes against the grain of that. At the same time it was designed for dance band work and being able to project clearly without being drowned out of a band in full activity in a large room with a crowed shuffling and talking and waiters clanging things. I thought I'd take a few pictures of my 1925 Martin Dansant to illustrate some wonders about it.


    The bell is really narrow and the overall length is longer than other lead horns of a later date. Look at this shelf full. The one with the longest length overall is the Dansant.


    Here it is between a Conn 28B Constellation and an Olds Super. Note how small the bell is between the two later day trumpets.

    between three.jpg

    Would it project clearly over a crowd? Not louder than other trumpet configurations....but with notes that cut through on top of a band in full swing mode?

    Here's an example I found on youtube. This guy is playing in a big empty space that reverberates the sound so it doesn't prove anything...but does elevate the wonder.

  • Peashooter.

  • @Bob-Pixley It isn't a pea shooter The bell shaft loop is the same turn as non pea shooters. Here's a photo. Dansant next to real standard form pea shooter.


    And compare to a King Liberty. I'd think you would recognize that a King Liberty was no pea shooter.



  • @Niner I'll buy that. Sorry for the mischaracterization.

  • @Bob-Pixley No problem... it kinda looks like a pea shooter from the first pictures. I should have pointed that out to start with.

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