Cichowicz Flow Studies as warm-up

  • These have been almost the first thing of the day I play since 1970. Then I go to tonguing, then some scales, Clarke. How about you all?

  • For those who would like them or are just curious, here is Cichowicz' concept of "moving long tones".

    Play as connectedly and smoothly as possible. Constant air flow. Each line is to be played progressively down in half-step valve combinations, i.e. 0; 2; 1; 1-2; 2-3; etc. Of course, when you play higher, appropriate key-related fingerings apply.

    Don't attempt to play all at once, they are progressive, i.e. play first line only, then second line only, etc. Strive for a beautiful, lively and musical tone.

    ps. actually, they are in C Major and the F# is a chromatic neighbor tone . . I'm just lazy. 😁


  • I usually incorporate "moving long tones" in my practice routine. I find the concept appealing, especially the focus on the sound. There are several examples: some giving credit to Cichowicz, others in the same or similar form, or you can create your own. Major elements include focus on the sound, not overdoing, and alternating registers. Actual Cichowica studies are likely "public domain" since you can find them easily by goggle searching

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