Soldering - what "cooling" creme do you use?

  • I've only done LIMITED soldering on the horns I've worked on to this point. I'm starting to get the hang of it and as I'm considering MORE complex jobs I am looking into getting a soldering creme to keep the adjacent areas cool and protected from the heat.

    To all you guys and gals doing work like this, what do you use to protect your finish when you solder?

    I've found items used in jewelry like "Vigor Heat Shield" and "Kool Jool" but I really don't want to experiment, I want to know what is our industry accepted.... and what works (not well, but) GREAT.

    Please let me know!

  • I solder electrical components daily. So i now know just enough about brass soldering to be dangerous. I would like to learn more from any who have gotten better at it than myself as well.

  • A spray bottle of water used AROUND the area you are working on helps....

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