Rare! Flip Oakes C Trumpet

  • Up for sale is a rare, and even rarer now that Kanstul has shut down, Flip Oakes C trumpet. The Flip Oakes C trumpet is built from the parts of the famous Wild Thing, the valve block, bell, leadpipe, etc. It is such a free-blowing and powerful trumpet! It brighter than the WT Bb, no doubt due to it being a C trumpet and that is their nature it blends well with the Bach and Yamahas on my section, though with the FO C trumpet I can project a lot better than them. The bore size, like the WT is .470. However, with the leadpipe I feel it has enough resistance that it is the perfect balance between sheer power and staying power. Even with a normal throat and backbore I don't feel that I'm held back at all. Intonation wise the E and Eb are very good, much better than other C's I've tried. Like all the other trumpet Flip puts out, it has a valve alignment and checked for quality. Honestly it is at the very least one of the best trumpets I've ever played! Unfortunately I don't have need for a C trumpet these days and I cannot justify having it around unplayed. I'm asking for 1700 + 35 shipping (Add 3.5% if not F&F), a bargain compared to new. (If Flip has any left in stock!) Please let me know if you want any pictures or have any questions at all!FO C 4.JPG FO C 5.JPG FO C 3.JPG FO C 2.JPG FO C 1.JPG

  • This trumpet is sold

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