Gershwin Awards/The Estevans

  • Did anyone see the George and Ira Gershwin Awards last night? Gloria Estevan was in top form but her daughter? Absolute killer, both as a singer and as a Latin Percussionist. Wow!

  • @Kehaulani
    Yeah, I saw it on PBS. Great show. Gloria still has the voice and the moves...and her daughter...oh, yeah, she has talent to spare. I love their brand of music. Makes you want to just get up and dance your ass off.

  • I used to play in a really good band with an excellent singer that did some of the Estevan's songs, but add that authentic Latin feel and additional instruments, and there was a rhythmic depth to her band that just wasn't duplicated by my band, no matter how technically clean

    Ref getting up and dancing, I used to play in a big band who's leader loved Latin music. Actually a passion of his. When we would get a good Latin groove, he danced around uncontrollably. "The rhythm is gonna get you". 😉

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