Van Cleave MV2 for Sale

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    I am selling my Van Cleave MV2 that is in silver. Here's Van Cleave's Info
    "The Van Cleave MV2 Professional Bb Trumpet has been designed with real playing in mind, breaking new ground in trumpet design for today's most demanding playing situations. 5" bell with stunning power and projection. Available in both regular and light weight bell"

    It is in mint condition.The silver is 100%. It has finger rings on the 1st. and 3rd. valve slides with locking set screws. A finger hook on the tuning slide. Amado dump/spit valves on tuning and 3rd. valve slides.. All valves and slides work effortlessly. A .460/.461 bore. No trauma , repairs , red rot , dents or dings. Possibly some very very light usage scratches. It's sound is beautiful ! I do have this also listed on the Trumpet Herald website on for 4/16/19 with 5 photos of it but I can send you more photos of it. I use a type 7C Bach mouthpiece and am very pleased with the response and the medium dark sound with my mouthpiece. The case is in very good condition with working latches. My price is $955. Buyer pays shipping. My E-mail is ( ] I will gladly send photos to you through your E-mail.Thanks

    Joel G Ramirez

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