Sarad Trumpet by Kanstul

  • I stumbled onto the following trumpet for sale:

    The horn struck my curiosity and I learned it was manufactured for Walter "Walt" Sarad by Kanstul. Sarad was a businessman and musician born in 1919. After returning from service in WWII (the Big One), he attended The Juilliard School. He eventually worked for Excelsior Accordion Co. as a factory representative and Vincent Bach as an engineer. In 1956, he patented an adjustable mouthpiece for brass instruments:

    The mouthpieces were sold through at least 1965 and can still be found on the resale market. Sarad was good friends with Renold Schilke and Charles Magnante. Most of his life was spent in the business world and in 2002 he ordered the trumpets bearing his name from Kanstul. Walt Sarad passed away in 2008.

    I inquired with a few professional trumpet players as to what the value of the trumpet might be and it seems the Sarad branding has decreased the interest and value of a trumpet that would otherwise be a fine Kanstul horn. Nonetheless, I found the history interesting.

    alt text

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