I hasten to say I am not a doctor, and I am not a sufferer of this condition.

I have a great deal of experience in golf and in music among other things and I suspect I may be seeing a correlation with a condition that professional golfers can suffer called the Yips.

This is a condition brought on by high levels of stress in a professional setting typically while putting in a highly pressured situation such as holing a putt that would decide the outcome of a match.

One single putt can be worth tens of thousands of dollars if it is sunk. This is immense pressure to succeed and is the root cause of the condition.

The sufferer suffers a spasm that makes controlled playing impossible and the putt often ends in a hazard.

This is a very real condition and almost without exception has ended the careers of many top money earners.

Bernhard Langer became a sufferer and after many years managed to control the condition and play golf professionally once again.

If there is a link perhaps Bernhards experiences and how he overcame the problem might prove to be helpful.

Perhaps this is worth exploring.

For all sufferers of this condition I hope you can find a way forward. I would hate to be a fellow sufferer of such a debilitating condition.