Trumpet / Cornet, Parts Needed

  • I suppose this is the right place for this, if not Mr. Administrator
    will you make it right.
    I am looking for a third valve 3 slot valve guide for a King Master

  • You should be able to gen one from a horn repairman.

  • @adc
    Techs were my first try, no luck.
    There was a guy on ebay that sold them with some pads & stuff.
    When I inquired they were not available.
    Might have to have one made.

  • @N0isemaker The old Cleveland model cornets, not the superiors or 600 series, have 3 slot guides because the valves use the same guides as the other hn white/king models like the master. Other horns from them with the same valve block style have the 3 point. The valves themselves dont interchange though, because of the different wrap and offset first valve slide. There is an old silver cleveland cornet on ebay now, but maybe wait a bit for a trashed one to come up, thats what I had to do when my guides were too worn out. You can try making a guide, but I tried to do the same thing and had trouble trying to recreate the pin that goes through the wider slot of the 3 slots. Maybe a different tech will be able to do it, I know I couldn't.

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