ITG 2020 and the fun of a trumpet safari

  • Canceled 😭

    I was so geeked that ITG 2020 will be back in Columbus, OH this May.

    These are on my radar:

    ACB Coppernicus

    Adams A1
    Adams A2
    Adams A3 Fulcrum
    Adams A6
    Adams A9

    BAC Paseo

    DeCarbo Unica

    Del Quadra all

    Edwards X-13

    Getzen 900 DLX

    Jaeger Studio

    Lotus Universal
    Lotus Solo

    Schagerl Aglaea
    Schagerl Morrison Meister
    Schagerl LU5A
    Schagerl Roman Empire

    Anyone else planning on a trumpet safari at ITG and what are you considering?

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