• Here at TrumpetBoards, the foremost activity is spreading the knowledge of how to become a better trumpet player. We are now offering free tutorials for kids (of all ages) that need help. Here's what to do;

    1. Join and then go to FREE TUTORIALS and ask for help.

    2. Sometimes we can help by simply answering a question or two.

    3. Sometimes we will need a video recording of you playing so we can analyze it and give professional advice. An example of this would be if you are getting ready for All-State or some competition and you want professional ears to evaluate.

    4. We will render advice after an evaluation which you are expected to work on. Sometimes we hear someone play and say "Don't change a thing!" Sometimes we listen and watch and then give the student advice on how to make it better.

    5. We do ask that you work! We work with people that want to succeed, not just to chat (which is okay, we have a place for that but not on the FREE TUTORIAL Topic)

    6. We also want to hear about how you advanced with the help we provided. An assignment may be accomplished in a couple of days or a couple of weeks. Never the less, we work hard and expect the same from our students. Please report back once the assignment is completed and let us know your progress. Let's face it. If trumpet was easy, everyone would be playing one.

    7. Spaces for students are limited. You can start and stop whenever you want and there is no cost. We only ask that if you find our help useful, have Mom or Dad to donate some small amount so we can continue to help kids that can't get trumpet help otherwise.

    8. You will find that the people on this site have everything from 4-year degrees in music to doctorates. With that said, if we say something and you don't understand right away, tell us. That way we can rephrase the statement.

    9. Our big hope is to hear that you succeeded!

    10. Tell your friends if they need help! Openings are limited.

    11. Serious inquiries only please

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