• I'd like to start a little discussion about Al Cass mouthpieces.
    I'm happy if anyone likes to join...

    To start with, here are the models that I currently have...

    Al Cass originals:
    1-28-28 trumpet
    1-26A trumpet
    1-25 trumpet
    3 flugel
    1-4E flugel
    trumpet to french horn doubler
    trumpet to trombone doubler

    Made in England:
    L1 trumpet
    4x1 trumpet
    3x3 trumpet

    Steve Cass replica:
    1-28 trumpet
    3x1 trumpet
    4s1 trumpet

    I also had an 3x5, 3x7, some cornet and trombone pieces and two Diz Cup mouthpieces.

    I primarily use the 1-28 and the Flugel 3 since roughly five years and they work just great for me.
    In the begining it took me some time to get comfortable with them after playing a Bach 5C for about seven years.
    But ever since I never got back to the Bach.

    So who else has some Al Cass pieces and likes to talk about them? 😀

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