• Presently I am using Latromba #1 valve oil on my trumpet and cornets. Not happy with oil on my trumpet valves.
    Would like a recommendation for a thicker synthetic oil.
    Looking at Hetman #2 valve oil or Ultra pure. Like an odor less oil.
    What valve oil leaves a yellow residue? Don't want that one.

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    Hetman 3 is good stuff

  • Administrator,
    Have you used Ultra Pure black label valve oil?

  • Try.....

    Monster Oil "Original" (Somewhat similar to Hetman #2) or
    Monster Oil "Smoother" (Somewhat similar to Hetman #3)

    Hetman #2 is my "daily driver", but I have this one particular horn that is only happy with Monster Oil "Smoother". Don't ask me why. I have no idea.

  • I use Berp BioOil 3 on my old Super Recording. The valves are a little worn and it helps a bunch.

  • @Gendreauj
    I use Hetman ( in all three grades ) and have found that if a horn lays around unused for a few days the lubricant turns yellow. I'm switching to Berp as soon as my Hetman supply runs out.

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    @Gendreauj said in Valve oils:

    Have you used Ultra Pure black label valve oil?

    Never heard of it, but I haven't looked up the latest and greatest in valve oil in a long time.

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    I once went through a phase of trying out all the oils.
    The best oil I ever used was the (original formula) La Tromba T2. They seem to have changed the formula, though.

    Now I just use what I have laying around as leftovers from that safari!

  • I successfully use LaTromba T2 (new bottle), Ultra Pure, Hetmans (various thicknesses) and Monster (various thicknesses). LaTromba T2 is the cheapest (in Europe). I buy it by the case.

    They are all "equal" on my horns if applied properly. They are much faster than my fingers, last for at least a week of heavy playing. I have no sticking or other artifacts.

    Horns that I use these oils on:
    Bach 229CL
    Selmer Radial 2°
    Monette Raja C
    Getzen Eterna 4 valve flugel
    Cheap chinese pocket trumpet
    All of my rotary trumpets

    I also use these oils to keep my natural trumpet slides and bows from oxidizing together.

    Clean horn first, wait until it is bone dry, apply oil sparingly. Never mix oils and greaes on the same horn.
    It is not rocket science and I have no preference - maybe I am simply not good enough to notice? Maybe I simply do not have a "need" to have a preference?

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    There was another thread recently with a valve oil discussion, but I can’t find it. Anyway, what I have noticed is that Hetman leaves a lot of sticky, yellow buildup - especially in horns that are not cleaned regularly. Yamaha synthetic can turn into a hard green cement when left sitting too long, even in a brand new never used horn. Pretty much any synthetic, even when advertised as odorless has some sort of odor. A player might not notice it as much, but I sure do as a tech, especially since some days I seem to end up bathed in it. I switched to Berp for my personal horns years ago because the smells of most of the others were really bothering my sensitive sinuses, and have loved how it works. I’ve never had a horn in storage freeze up, and I don’t have to oil constantly. I’ve liked it for everything that crosses my bench because I haven’t yet found a horn it doesn’t work on. I still keep the other brands around because if I oil a new horn I’m not going to clean I like to use what it comes with, but I also haven’t found that the Berp reacts badly with most others. If you’re curious and want to try it, they sell a sample pack of the 3 piston viscosities. I find that no matter what brand you use, using a heavy rotor oil in place of slide grease on 1st and 3rd slides works super well. I swear, with as much as I’ve advertised for Berp they should pay me, but they don’t! I’ve been pushing for my work to be a dealer but they haven’t made the order yet. We’re moving to a new location soon, so that’s been the priority at the moment!

  • Hetman #2 is my go-to oil for valves and tunable slides on my Strad 37 and LeBlanc 707 Sonic. Works great for me!


  • Use Ultra Pure on all my horns from 1906 Boosey cornet to 2020 Jerome Wiss. Yesterday checked my Selmer Radials that have not been out of case since last Orchestra rehearsal mid March, no problems all free.

    Regards, Stuart.

  • Received two bottles of ultra pure black label yesterday.
    Today I ran out of my previous oil, Latromba valve oil #1.
    Since I have been practicing more, the valve oil doesn't last as long.
    Oil both my trumpet and cornet today. Seems to cover well, only time will tell.

  • @Gendreauj Hetman Black Label?

  • Before I play a horn I will oil the valves, one drop in each. Calculating the volume of the space between the valve and casing at around 1/50 millilitre, one drop about 1/30 mill plenty enough. On a long gig of 4 45 minute sets I will re oil at the second break. Never have valve problems. Regards, Stuart.

  • @ROWUK said in Valve oils:

    I successfully use LaTromba T2 (new bottle), Ultra Pure, Hetmans (various thicknesses) and Monster (various thicknesses). LaTromba T2 is the cheapest (in Europe). I buy it by the case.

    They are all "equal" on my horns if applied properly.

    I agree that most any of these oils would be adequate. Personally, I use Hetman, not because I think it's the best. I use it because it gets the job done, it's the oil my tech uses, and it's easy to obtain in various in various formulations.

    Regarding use, once a week, I wipe down my valves and casings with a lint-free cloth, wipe out the vents and caps with a tissue, and then reoil and lube. No problems. No buildup. No need to oil daily.


  • I do the same as Mike. The technique recommended by two out of two physicians.

  • I am the school of, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I oil as necessary.

    BTW, taking flugelgirls suggestion, I have switched from Hetman to berp products mainly because they last longer and I'm lazy.

  • @stumac
    Seems a bit over thinking. Half the charge will go out of the valves on the first blow. More oil is better than less oils. But to each his own.

    I have a dozen horns. I like to play each each month. I find with the Berp they are good without oiling for a month. But I oil them anyway.

  • Hetman black label ?
    I have been using Hetman since 2016. Never heard of their black label. What distinguishes the black label from their green label bottles ?