Olds Super Recording with sleeved leadpipe

  • Olds Super Recording serial # 194XX
    Sleeved Leadpipe
    Considered one of the most desirable Super Recordings
    Overhauled by Getzen including valve rebuild
    Small dent on bell rim that Getzen could not make perfect, small ding on 1st and 3rd valve crooks, small acid burn on 3rd valve casing-
    See Pictures
    Includes correct Olds case
    Any questions PM me.!

    ![alt text](51974149_10216611827840712_8540354485967388672_n.jpg image url)

    ![alt text](52293365_10216611833840862_6135191771077935104_n.jpg image url)







  • @Mike-Ansberry $3000
    above it said to PM me. On this site I guess that means chat

  • Selling this instrument because I have two of them and this is the pretty one. My daily player shows its age in the finish so I am not reluctant to take it on gigs. This horn needs to go where it will see playing time.

    $2600 is what I paid for this instrument. I am not in any financial need of selling it so this will be the final price drop. I'd just like to see it in the hands of someone who will get more use from it than I do.

    Olds Super Recording serial # 194XX
    Sleeved Leadpipe

  • Still available.

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