Who is the "administrator?"

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    I decided to reveal myself to the world so there is less "mystery" behind the site. Plus, one former trumpet forum went down, and not a single person knew who the owner was!


  • @administrator It is a pleasure to meet you 🙂

  • Hi, Austin. Nice to meet the owner of this terrific forum fr trumpet players.

  • Transparency is a good thing.

  • Thank you, Austin, for introducing yourself. Thank you too for your work on this site!

  • I’ll second the thank you for the creation and managing of this site.

    I think it is already well on its way to being one of the best trumpet related sites on the web.

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    Thanks, I'm enjoying the site and its improved format. I still have a number of fixes and tweaks to make, so please be patient as this is a learning path for me.

    I've lived in various places, but mostly the western United States. I was born in California, grew up near Fort Collins, Colorado. Lived in Boise, Idaho, Colorado Springs, CO, Boston MA, Worcester, MA, Pawtucket, RI, Southbury, CT and various parts of Utah, where I now reside.

    Outside of the US, I have visited Canada, Mexico, Belize, Japan, So. Korea, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary & Turkey. It's always difficult when people ask you "What's your favorite place to travel to?" The answer (incidentally, it's the same when I'm asked what my favorite food group is) usually sounds something like "Whatever my most recent trip was!"

    I have some pretty neat connections in the music world and have studied with some really fantastic musicians. One of my mentors was a direct student of James Stamp. Another was a student of Roger Voisin, and I am good friends with two ITG Presidents. I have performed live with Marc-Andre Hamelin, Sam Pilafian and other great musicians. I have heard countless trumpet maestros perform live, mostly at the ITG Conference. I even met Maurice Murphey two years before he passed. That was a real treat!

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