BC Heritage Line - BC6 'Braelynn' Custom Bb Trumpet

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    When the concept for doing the Heritage line was thought up the intention was always to go back and re-purpose older vintage horns and create something unique that is not going to cost the same as a full custom horn. BC6 'Braelynn' is a horn that embodies this ideal well.
    What we have here is a mid 1950's Martin Indiana Block coupled with a Handmade Lawler C7 Gold Brass Bell and a few modern touches.
    Just like our playing, this is created to have imperfections and character. (If you want a collector showpiece this is probably not the horn for you)
    If you are after play-ability and character this is absolutely something that will appeal.
    In the hands of a master horn tech like Kevin Powers the sum of all the parts will always equal something much greater thanks to his depth of knowledge and skill in assembling a horn. The horn plays open and has some real power to it thanks to the heavy gauge gold brass bell.
    To top off the unique elements of the horn the finger buttons are real stone: Snakeskin Jasper handmade by Jocelyn Lapointe in Canada.
    This horn is available now and is just US$1,300 for this unique instrument.
    Each horn in the range is recorded in a special section in the Brass Cellar Website so that there is a permanent record of this limited line (I plan to have just 12 horns in this range - all unique).
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